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Mission Statement


Our group or society was created out of  frustration.

There are few places wherein you can enjoy a nice drink or a good smoke with cool creative people who simply want a little time off the stress of daily life.

A small group who don't quite belong everywhere and doesn't want to.   

The misplaced, the misfits the weird and  creative.

The old-school, no nonsense anti-ordinary or not -mediocracy minded bunch.

This place is a beautiful combination of Art Gallery, Music Venue and creative bar along with a healthy dose of engaging in a little cannabis consumption if you so choose. 

A private Not-open-to-the-Public private society.    Feel free to contact us for information.

The Emerald Society

Members Only Social Club



 We are a Private Group of People with the same ideals of Social Conscience, Enviromental Responsibility, Intelect,  Art and Creativity. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds, race,  creed and sexual orientations.   We have created a space wherein  creativity and freedom of choice will thrive. In today's social environment, we would like to provide a safe and comfortable environment wherein we can all be creative and socially conscious individuals.... a mix of the generations before and after the internet....

We will be the bridge....

OUR RULES (Don't say you didn't know...)

Rules & Regulations


What happens in our Club ...Stays in the Club.

That means not to be mentioned to anyone other than other members or potential members after proper screening.   To be sure.... not the wife, the ex wife, the mistress or mistress to be...not the guy you like at work, the husband or future ex husband... no body...no one!.  Until and unless they become members.   Remember we have a tendency to divorce, break up and piss off the people that at one time we liked or liked us....so keep it a very nice warm secret between us crazy people....

No Cell Phone, Tables.... Selfies... BS!

If you can not take a proper breath without  your phone and your selfie schedule is going to be interrupted ....we are not the club for you!  Please do not join our Society.  We enjoy face to face conversations...not "face time".

No selfies, no pictures of your food, or the latest trinkets you purchased.

Let's tell some jokes,  clean and dirty ones or otherwise  tell  us stories, memories , lessons of what to do or even better what not to do....Verbal engagements  of one or more articulated sentences that will make new friends or piss of the old ones.   If sentences peppered with properly placed obsenities....even better!


After a certain age, we should know how many drinks it takes to loose our senses, if you haven't figured out what number that is....We are not the place for you.

We don't want to entertain, mean- drunks, happy -drunks, sexy- drunks sloppy -drunks....drunks in general.

Your membership will be inmediately revoked if you can't keep your sense of fun and walk a respectful line with the rest of the members.

If you can't control your liquor, please do not apply for a membership.

We are not a Cantina, we are here to have fun not to babysit your "behind".


Our music selection will change according to the event; the crowd or our mood.  We will always play great music!

Jazz, Soul, Salsa, Reggae, Rap.  As a Club we want to promote local artists with great undiscovered talents.


Come as you are, you will never be overdressed at our place.  We want you to be comfortable and creative.  Show us your true personality, not the fancy brands you can afford but the originality of your ways.  Enjoy the femenine or masculinity of your gender,  or your gender of choice.   The old fashion Elegant ways of a time gone by....Enjoy your creativity.  We HIGHLY promote it.

Original Music

We will be presenting great original artists.  Music with a social content.

Come in and indulge.... An original Bohemian place from old times gone by....

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Privacy Policy

Membership is contingent upon Approval by the  Emerald Society ("Private Club") which Approval shall be at its discretion.


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Additional Information

Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Marijuana, the Devil's Lettuce, Grass and many great names to follow....

This Place was born out of the love for the plant and  the wave of change that has been taking place not just in California; (We  have always been the Cool State) but all over the country.  

The hobby, passion or preference to consume  is getting its grand entrance into "respectable" society.  

The amazing health benefits are no longer deniable.    Cities are trying to catch up with making up new laws and ordinances that are still being processed.   

In the mean time there was a need to be  safe and legally  come out of the shadows and we are happy and very pleased with ourselves to create an amazing environment wherein we can all partake enjoy and all along feeling safe and legally protected.  We are a private club.  We are not open to the Public.  We are not in the business of selling anything, we are just seeking the entertainment and medical value of the plant.

Please consider us friends inviting you to our home to grab a beer or watch the game.   The sanctity of our happy place is contingent on our responsible and decent behavior without any extremes in behavior or consumption.

I will be posting periodically to keep up with you, any suggestion or improvements to our private group please feel free to let us know.

The Emerald Society

A Members Only Private Club

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There is a waiting list for new members however we love to make room for new amazing people.   Call us.  951 742-2472

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